Ron Fraser


Handicap: 5.7

MGI Experience: Rookie

Golf Experience: I have played lots of golf all over the world! 

Strengths: Home course is Rain Tree CC in Ohio, obviously closed for the LONG WINTER.

A word from the person that offered Ron the invite:

“Ron knows Bob Koch the inventor of Medicus golf aids, & is rumored to have beaten him at golf” stated Sam Messina, “Ron is a big fan of Crown Royal and always plays better with a few cocktails in him”

Weaknesses: when a few turns into too many , but I am a PRO

Quote for MGI: This should be a great event, and being able to come in a few days earlier will be an advantage both to learn the courses, and for my home life! Can’t Wait! 

“I’ve never been much of a fan of practice and warm up’s before Golf.  I’m more of a trunk to the 1st tee kind of player.  Unfortunately, that is starting to catch up with me as I grow older but not up.  It takes a little extra 80 proof swing lube before I feel comfortable over the ball.”