Jeremy Bellflower


USGA GHIN: 1.5 Index

Home Course: Wolf Run Golf Club

MGI Status: Rookie year 2013, and Youngest participant in MGI History at the time. 

“I had to miss 2016 & 2017, & for that I apologize, but I have made a commitment to MGI Veteran @Goleno, that I will never miss again….. Jermo is back!”

Rookie Quotes for @MGI2013

“I am excited about the opportunity ahead! This is my first ever golf trip with a group, in fact this is my first time east of Denver. I know I am way over my head, but my mental coach Dr. Goleno (who worked with Bob Rotella) has been working with me on my mental fabric of the game!”

“I have played golf with TK and Grant already, once I got them, but when the repeat came around …. I got thumped. I am learning the match play concept. It is different than stroke play, but Grant tells me there is a trophy for low overall score . It is at times confusing, but I won’t let Team TK down, which is the team I hope to be on! “

“My golf swing is aggressive, and I tend to snap it left …. sometimes 50 yards left. I have been told I need to back it down in Miami, or I will lose a lot of golf balls and a lot of money. It should be an adventure there!”

MGI 2018:

“I am so excited to receive the invite back to the MGI from Keiper and Goleno, and I can’t wait to see some of the crew from back east that I haven’t seen in a couple of years…. Smiley, BK, Sammy, & my wrestling teacher Sandbag Steve. I have already started to train my body for this epic event!”