Burt Keiper


Aka: “B-train” “BK”

MGI Experience: Attended on and off since 2009.

MGI Strengths: “Best 15 handicap player in the USA”

MGI experience highlight: It took place in 2009 when Burt was tossing the football around at Shula’s steakhouse and threw the ball to no one in particular and the ball landed on a dining room table that was fully set up for a seven course meal for four. Yes, complete with all the glasses! The damage was extensive, but Delvis took care of it. “Also a rookie lesson, take care of the veterans! If I need to tell a rookie what that means, he shouldn’t be on the trip!” added BK

Other B-Train oddities:

  • Handicap – 15
  • Favorite movie line – “Make more birdies then”
  • “Hey Grant, Beer for Beer”
  • Favorite dinner – 1st:  trying to muscle down the 48oz porterhouse at Shula’s which is on sale for $84 , 2nd: Katherines Steak House 
  • Favorite roomate on a trip – Goleno or Smiley 
  • Favorite tanning lotion – Tann Summers .. which is in limited release and hard to find in 2018.