Brett Smiley


aka: “Smiley”, “Bradly”

Handicap: 9.0

Sweetbriar Golf Club

MGI Experience: Attended since 2006 – (missed 2014 MGI) – a Veteran MGI Player with a great attendance record! 

Golf Strengths: Erratic power, Stack and Tilt hitting style, Fast Player

“Nobody can drop kick a 3 wood into a tee shot and still somehow hit it 280!” – said a @GolfTalkLounge scout from Ohio.

Golf Weaknesses: Over the years a lot of his aggressive weaknesses have faded away, but still an occasional club toss, but Smiley is more at peace with his game! 

MGI Moment:

Leaving the steakhouse for a walkabout over a decade ago, pre cell phone GPS! 

Greatest asset: 

“When he says he will be there, then he will be there, and that is highly respected by everyone else!” — stated Goleno!