Allen Grant



Handicap: 8

Comments I use on the course:

“Nice and easy.”

“Were you aiming that way?”

“That’ll be alright”

“Look at all my trophies”

“Alright, well it is out there, just keep advancing it”

“Do you like Michelob Ultra?”

“Todd, where has your game gone?”

Experience: Attended since 2005

MGI 2018 outlook: “I am riding an unreal streak over the last couple years in Mesquite! How unreal you ask? I have NOT lost a MATCH, so this year bring on Bellflower & Bellflower’s rookie and let them both experience my revolutionary Tai Chi putting method!”

Best Shot seen Live: No. 18 at Legacy Thanksgiving 2007 with $100 on the line, watching Todd Keiper whiff a chip shot and then proceed to double-chip it like TC Chen and hand me the victory. (Amazing!)

Golf Strengths: Putting 

Weaknesses:  I like Tanning Oil, Michelob Ultra, and Red Bull (sometimes all together), but is that really a weakness?