Event History

MGI History and Facts

2018 Mesquite Golf Invitational  - The 2018 Mesquite Golf Invitational was the third year in a row in Mesquite, NV, again hosted by the Casablanca Resort. The Courses this time were the Oasis Canyons and Oasis Palmer couse.

The TEN golfers were again split into two teams and captained by MGI veterans Sam Messina and Craig Goleno.

The three day team event was close going into singles with Team Gol holding a 1 point lead, but Sunday singles saw an epic beat down by Team Sam winning 4 out of the 5 singles matches to capture the MGI CUP. 6.5 points to 4.5 points.

--- HIGHLIGHTS OF MGI 2018 ---

MVP - Dana Morrison

Rookie of the Year - Dana Morrison with a  3-0 record

Team Sam records:

Sam: 1-2, Ron: 0-2-1, Smiley: 1-1-1, Dana: 3-0, Jermo: 3-0

Team Gol records:

TK: 2-1, Gol: 1-1-1, Grant: 2-1, BK: 1-2, Steve: 0-2-1 

Saturday Net Low Cap Match for the Individual Championship Belt was WON by Mr. 1 Putt, Allen Grant.

Net Results: Grant, 72, Jermo, 75, Ron, 76, TK, 81

"You want to be the Man, you have to beat the Man" - stated Mr. 1 Putt in an interview with Golf Talk Lounge immediately after the match.

2017 Mesquite Golf Invitational - The 2017 Mesquite Golf Invitational marked the second year in a row in Mesquite, again hosted by the Casablanca Resort.  The Courses in the rotation included Casablanca Golf Course, Wolf Creek, & Conestoga Golf Course. 

The TEN golfers were split into two teams captained by veterans Sam Messina & Craig Goleno, but after the three day event, which featured a massive wind storm, a bone chilling cold front while playing wolf creek, and some late round drama at Conestoga the teams ended in draw.

This prompted Captain Sam & Captain Goleno to get together, and discuss 2018, & agree that there will be no TIE anymore and create the Tie RULE.

The Tie Rule: In the Event of a tie, the two captains will chose a player to play additional playoff holes in straight up match play until a winning team is determined. 

"Money must change hands!" 

2016 Mesquite Golf Invitational - The 2016 Miami.. scratch that ... Mesquite Golf Invitational was hosted by Casablanca Resort, and played on a variety of courses in the Mesquite area.  

It was Team Seattle vs. Team World and on paper was looking to be a great match, but with one week to go, Jermo Hightower ran a "Stop sign" , and his lawyer fees prevented him from attending leaving Team World shorthanded! 

Team World captain CEO GOL, had to get creative, so he elected to send his 2 rock star players (TK & Mr. 1 Putt) out all days to beat 2 guys EACH, which they DID, and Team World won YUGE! 

The Major Highlight was when Goleno shot 85 at Wolf Creek & beat Petrak 8&6 while wearing his "Make America Great Again" hat.

2015 Miami Golf Invitational - The 2015 Miami Golf Invitational was again held at Shula's Golf Resort in Miami Lakes, Fl. This years event only had nine players, so we had to play 3 separate 3 man teams for a 3 day competition.

Event Results :

  • 1st Place : Team Messina, Bellflower, Smiley
  • 2nd Place: Team Lynch, Demidovich, Goleno
  • 3rd Place: Team Keiper, Mez, Drayer


  • Low Gross trophy - Jeremy Bellflower
  • Most Valuable Golfer award - Steve Drayer
  • Rookie of the year - Josh Demidovich (huge landslide victory, solid addition to event)
  • Skins Champion - Sam Messina
  • Burt Keiper Sandbag Trophy - Sam Messina
  • Horse Race - 3 man team winners - Keiper, Mez, (Sandbag Steve) Drayer
  • Goleno Silver Tee Challenge scramble winners - Keiper, Mez, Drayer
  • Hightower Closest to the hole challenge winner - Jeremy Bellflower - (held on par 3 hole 5 at the Senator Course)
  • CC Roulette winners (not all listed) : Josh, Lycnh, TK
  • MVP of trip: Todd Keiper!

2014 Miami Golf Invitational - The MGI Cup was back as a team event, and this year it featured players from the West Coast against the East Coast. Team West came in as a huge favorite considering their ability to play during the winter season, but it was Team East that prevailed in a 7 1/2 to 4 1/2 point victory.

The first two days of the event were best ball followed on Saturday by two separate 18 hole single matches.


  • Low Gross trophy - Jeremy Bellflower
  • Most Valuable Golfer award - Sam Messina
  • Rookie of the year - Steve Drayer (Landslide victory)
  • Skins Game champion - Steve Drayer (Everyone won at least a skin, but Steve won more than all others combined.)
  • Burt Keiper Sandbag Trophy - Steve Drayer
  • Horse Race 2 man event winners - 1st place Messina-Bellflower, 2nd place (no money) Goleno-Harris
  • Goleno 9 Hole Silver (Green) tee scramble - didn't complete (thru 5) due to thunderstorm so no official victory although money was paid out.
  • Credit card roulette did find Team East members Messina and Harris, and Team West member Grant with his card without raised numbers on it.
  • Sunday trip to Miami and an afternoon with Captain Al on the water and the night at Mango's (No Maria.)

Records of each player at MGI 2014 are as follows: Team East

  • Sam Messina 3-0-1
  • Mike Lynch 3-1
  • Jeff Harris 1-1-2
  • Steve Drayer 1-2-1

Team West

  • Todd Keiper 2-1-1
  • Jeremy Bellflower 2-0-2
  • Craig Goleno 0-3-1
  • Allen Grant 0-4

2013 Miami Golf Invitational - The MGI Cup took on a new format and was played as a two man team event won by Steve Guolla and Casey McMullin in thrilling playoff fashion on the first hole over the team of Todd Keiper and G Mez.


  • Low Gross trophy - Casey McMullin
  • Rookie of the year - Jeremy Bellflower
  • Skins Game trophy - Todd Keiper
  • Burt Keiper Sandbag trophy - Steve Guolla (first year of award)
  • Horse Race 2 man event winners - Guolla-McMullin, 2nd place (no money) Goleno-Bellflower
  • Goleno Silver tee scramble winners - McMullin, Bellflower, Mez
  • Complete recap available in this story. Click here!
  • Team format to return in 2014!!!
  • Event point finish. 1st team - Guolla-McMullin, 2nd team - TK & Mez, 3rd team - BK&Grant, 4th team - Carter&Harris, 5th team - Lynch&Smiley, 6th team - Goleno&Bellflower

2012 Miami Golf Invitational - The MGI CUP was retained by TEAM TK (4-2) over TEAM MEZ (2-4) - Final score was 8 points - 4 points.


  • MVG award this year went to Todd Keiper, his 2-0-1 record was tied for the overall match lead with Mike Lynch and Burt Keiper, but his total contribution made the award an obvious choice. "Todd doesn't just move the needle when it comes to the MGI, he is the needle!" stated Craig Goleno, Director of MGI Media
  • Credit card roulette found a new winner in rookie Steve Guolla. He narrowly missed winning it back to back.
  • Rookie of the year also went to Steve Guolla with his 2-1 record. He did lose in singles to the other rookie Jeff Harris.
  • Team TK had no one with a losing record this year, while Team Mez had several including Allen Grant getting shut out 0-3.
  • Special thanks to Dr. Dave!
  • The entire MGI group went to South Beach for the Champions dinner, and it was extraordinary! (Goleno and Maria reunite)
  • The Goleno Silver Tee 9 hole 3 man Scramble was held for the first time with the Team of Grant, Harris, and JB winning on the first playoff hole over the Team of Lynch, BK, and Gol. The odds on favorite team (according to odds maker Lynch) in the event of TK, Smiley, and Steve had an early lead but faded after the par 5 7th hole.
  • 2012 MGI Skins Champion was Lance Miller.
Records of each player for the 2012 MGI:
Team TK
  • Todd Keiper 2-0-1
  • Craig Goleno 1-1-1
  • Mike Lycnh 2-0-1
  • Jeff Brett 1-1-1
  • Burt Keiper 2-0-1
  • Steve Guolla 2-1
Team Mez
  • G Mez 0-1-2
  • Sam Messina 1-1-1
  • Allen Grant 0-3
  • Brett Smiley 0-1-2
  • Lance Miller 1-1-1
  • Jeff Harris 1-2

2011 Miami Golf Invitational - The MGI CUP was won back by TEAM TK (3-2) over TEAM MEZ (2-3) 8 1/2 points - 6 1/2 points.


  • Most Valuable Golfer (MVG) of the MGI was awarded to Craig Goleno for going 2-1 in his matches and continuing to own hole 5 in the skins competition.
  • The MGI welcomed four new rookies, and the rookie of the year went to Brooks Gard
  • The sophomore slump award that was won in 2010 by Burt Keiper went to Lance Bass this year.
  • Comeback Player of the year went to Burt Keiper with a 2-0-1 record.
  • Product innovation award showcased at the MGI - "The Swing Whistle"
  • Special thanks award goes to the entire Shula Resort Staff.

2010 Miami Golf Invitational was held in team format for the MGI Cup. Team Mez (2-2) won the MGI Cup back from Team TK (2-2) with a 7 pts to 4 pts victory.


  • Goleno breaks his winless steak by halving 2 matches and goes 0-1-2 for the event.
  • TK breaks his winning steak, and takes a loss.
  • The winter residence TK team of B Keiper and J Brett go a combined 0-6.
  • Slammin Tannin Sammy keeps on with his winning ways.
  • New rookie Lance Bass is surprising long off the tee, but struggles with short game. He does manage to obtain the MGI Rookie of the Year award.
  • Sunday 3 club Silver Tee Challenge won in a 3 man playoff by Brett Smiley.

2009 Miami Golf Invitational was held in a team format for the MGI CUP:

Team TK (2-1) defeated Team Mez (1-2)


  • New rookie Burt Keiper replaces Doug Rozum, and was named Rookie of the Year.
  • Doug Rozum elected to opt out of the event as his invite was in question.
  • TK continues his perfect record.

2008 Miami Golf Invitational was held in a team format for the MGI CUP:

Team Mez (1-1) defeated Team TK (1-1)


  • Event returns to the Senator course which still does not have a yardage book.
  • New rookie Doug Rozum replaces Keith Bowling.
  • Keith Bowling was not invited back for a number of reasons primarily the putter infraction on the green of the first hole.

2007 Miami Golf Invitational was held in a team format:

This was the first year that the team event concept was introduced, and the inaugural MGI CUP

Team TK (1-0) defeated Team Mez


  • Inaugural team event concept held at Shula's and the Senator Course.
  • Credit card roulette champion Gol continues his hot streak (of losing).
  • Dr. Dave sets us up with the limo to south beach to see Maria at Mango's.
  • New rookies at the Invitational: Jeff Brett and Mike Lynch

2006 Miami Golf Invitational highlights:

  • Group stays at the Belvedere hotel in South Beach
  • Brett Smiley and Keith Bowling were the new rookie.
  • Gol sees Maria again at Mango's
  • Courses played were Miami Country Club & Hillcrest.
  • Lunch and introduction to Shula's 2 was arranged by Sam Messina.
  • Group photo that appears on the MGI site from Shula's 2
  • Brett Smiley becomes a rookie, and a legacy member in 2006!

2005 Miami Golf Invitational highlights:

  • First Invitational for Allen Grant and Craig Goleno
  • Group stays at the Holiday Inn on South Beach. Grant had the most expensive steak and egg breakfast ever across the street while waiting on TK.
  • The 2005 Group consisted of Todd Keiper, Mez, D Waltz, Sam Messina, Goleno, and Grant
  • Gol firsts meets Maria at Club Mango's
  • Grant and Gol head over to the Bahamas after Miami and stayed in a hotel on the ocean where Grant "Had it taken care of" (Hotel was FREE)